The FAMOCO Layer

The FAMOCO Layer is the software that drives your FXs and allows a fluid communication with the FMS. Keeping it up to date will enable you to enjoy the latest features that FAMOCO offers.

How to Upgrade

You can upgrade your FAMOCO Layer via the 'Profiles' tab.

  1. Select any Profile
  2. Select the latest FAMOCO Layer
  3. Click on "Save"


That's it!

Repeat this operation for all the fleets you wish to upgrade.

FAMOCO Layer Release Notes

FamocoLaye 1.29.8

  • Fix Famoco launcher bug when third party launchers are set as default

FamocoLayer 1.29.7

  • Add the possibility to toggle usb OTG charging

FamocoLAyer 1.29.6

  • Adapt FMS configurations to Android 6 SDK

FamocoLAyer 1.29.5

  • Fix starting Famoco services and patches after an apk update and reboot

FamocoLAyer 1.29.4

  • Don't start Dashboard after clicking twice on home button (only for no Famoco devices)

FamocoLAyer 1.29.3

  • Fix minor token issue

FamocoLayer 1.29.2

  • Fix screen bug when rebooting in auto-launch mode

FamocoLayer 1.29.0

  • Fix Dashboard bug when using airplane mode
  • Improve Famoco id distribution across components modules
  • Code refactoring in major sync modules
  • Improve UI performance

FamocoLayer 1.28.0

  • Multiple improvments and code optimizatins in FMS Agent
  • Fix FX200 enable/disable mobile data bug

FamocoLayer 1.27.0

  • Add the posibility to push custom device fields in the FMS
  • Add disable/enable stay awake configuration (to be added in FMS profile)
  • Add support for new device models

FamocoLayer 1.26.0

  • Multiple imrpovemenrs in Famoco Launcher
  • Fix minor bugs in FMS Agent

FamocoLayer 1.25.0

  • Dispaly error info message when an application fails to install from the FMS
  • Imrove Famoco Id displayability
  • Multiple code optimizations

FamocoLayer 1.24.1

  • Fix FAMOCO Id display bug for FX200 and FX300

FamocoLayer 1.24.0

  • Fix wrong date dialog issue
  • Improve building system
  • Add support for new production
  • Add model name in Dashboard application

FamocoLayer 1.23.0

  • Fixed FAMOCO Id bug in Dashboard application
  • Fixed mobile data settings bug in FX Settings application
  • Add Internet check in Dashboard

FamocoLayer 1.22.0

  • Imrpove NFC logging system

FamocoLayer 1.21.0

  • Bug fixes in FX Settings applications
  • Buf fixes in the volume action
  • Display 2 imei's for FX200 model in FX Settings
  • Add UI supoprt for Larger screens

FamocoLayer 1.20.0

  • Add Support for new FX200 models

FamocoLayer 1.19.0

  • Various technical improvements and performance optimizations.
  • Display sync message when triggering a sync with the volume button.
  • Bug fixed when selecting new time zone in FX100 Settings.

FamocoLayer 1.16.1

  • Bug fixed volume. The volume configuration in the profile was not working on some device, this was fixed with release 1.6.1

FamocoLayer 1.16.0

New features in the profile

If you're interested by the new features in the FMS profile you'll need to upgrade your devices with the latest agent version, explained above.


GPS feature allows you to enable or disable GPS/Location on the device. This is only available for devices with the following serial number prefixes :

  • (01)03770004396 078 (21)XXX - (FX100,6)
  • (01)03770004396 146 (21)XXX - (FX100,7B)
  • (01)03770004396 115 (21)XXX - (FX100,7)


The APN feature allows you to configure a new APN on the device. This is available on all device models.


The Volume feature allows you to change the volume of the device. This is available on all device models.

Screen Timeout

The Screen timeout feature allows you to change the sleep time of the device. This is available on all device models.

Change Language

This features allows you to change the language of the devices. The following languages :

  • Norwegian-Bokmol
  • Swedish
  • Bulgarian
  • Danish
  • Finnish

are only available for devices with the following serial number prefixes:

  • (01)03770004396 146 (21)XXX - (FX100,7B)
  • (01)03770004396 115 (21)XXX - (FX100,7)

Automatic Timezone selection

This feature allows to enable, disable auto timezone or select a new timezone. This is available on all device models.