This section covers how you can create a fleet and how you can add devices to it.

Creating a Fleet

The FMS Fleets allow you to organise you devices by group based on geographic differences for example. You can create multiple fleets and assign them to the same or to different "Profiles".

To create a fleet:

  1. Click on "Fleets"
  2. Click "Add a fleet"
  3. Name the fleet, assign a profile you've created and click on "Save"

Naming the fleet

The next step is learning how to apply what you've learned so far to group of devices.

Adding devices to a Fleet

So now you've got an empty fleet. There's only one thing left to do before you can start using your devices. You need to add those devices to a fleet:

Note: to make it easier to drag-and-drop it may be helpful to zoom-out by pressing "ctrl -" on Windows or "cmd -" on Mac. You can come back to the default view by pressing ctrl 0 or cmd 0

  1. Click on "Devices" on the left panel
  2. You can drag and drop devices to a fleet

Clicking on devices

Method A

One device at a time: click and drag the "FX" icon to your fleet One device at a time method

Method B

Multiple devices at once: Check the boxes next to the devices you want to add and drag-and-drop the bigger "FX" icon to a fleet Multiple device at once

Method C

All devices at once: Check the box on the top left of the device list and drag-and-drop the bigger "FX" icon to a fleet every device at once

You're all set and done!