In addition of having a global view of your devices the FMS also allows you to access information for each device individually.

How to access the device details

To view a device's details you must:

  1. Go in the "Devices" section
  2. Click on the FX icon, a context menu opens up, then click on "Device Details" Click_Device

Understanding the Device Details

The Device Detail panel is divided into 3 tabs.

1. General


IMEI: It's a unique number used to identify your device

Fleet: The fleet that the device is currently assigned to

Applications: Displays the applications installed on the device

Autolaunch application: Displays the application the device will permanently display

NFC: Displays the NFC status

WiFi: Displays the WiFi status

Developer mode: Developer

Synchronization interval: Displays the interval at which the device will try to sync with the FMS

Last synhcronization date: Displays the date of the last sync with the FMS

Synchronization status: Displays if the device is currently synced with the FMS

Maintenance status: Displays the Maintenance Status

Heartbeat: Displays the current state of the device

2. Latest Actions

General_Details The Latest Actions tab lists the last actions applied by the FMS to the device in reversed chronological order