You can assign 4 types of user role with different rights in the FMS, as it's shown in the table below:

Roles\Access Profiles Bill Applications Membership Devices Fleet
Observer Read Read Read Read Read Read
Admin Add/Change/Delete/Read Read Add/Change/Delete/Read Add/Change/Delete/Read Change/Read Add/Change/Delete/Read
Fleet Manager Add/Change/Delete/Read N/A Add/Read N/A Change/Read N/A
Device Manager Change/Read Read Read Read Read Read

  1. Click on "Members" Click_Add_Member

  2. Click on "Add member"

  3. Fill out the email of the new member

  4. Select his role

  5. Click "Save" User_Creation

  6. The new member will receive a mail and will be able to connect and configure his username and password for the organization he was added Mail_Activation
  7. The new member will have to click on the link and to fill out his username and password. User_Details