What is a token?

A FAMOCO Token is an automated FAMOCO Management Suite (FMS) command. It allows you to switch your device configuration locally. Today the possible actions are: Put device in repair, put in stock and change fleet. The Token takes the form of an NFC card. These cards will be included in the Token kit, but can also be purchased in packs of 10.

What are the possible actions for a device?

They are currently 3 possible actions

  • Move a device from one fleet to another This action triggers a device move from its current fleet to another existing one.

  • Put the device in repair mode This action triggers a device move from its current configuration to a repair mode.

  • Put the device in stock This action triggers a device move from its current configuration to the stock status.

How does it work?

Token actions are created in the FMS. Each Token has a unique code. This code is used by the Token Activator Application to write the Token card. To write the card, the code can be entered manually or the corresponding QR code that is automatically generated can be scanned. The Token card is then placed on the back of the device to be written.

Are the cards covered by a warranty?

The card is not guaranteed. If a card does do not work when received, please contact our support team.

How do I know that the target device has registered the action?

The device will show a message with an “OK” when the action has been properly registered. In addition, you can check on the FMS if the device has the new desired configuration.

What is a Master Device?

The Master Device is the dedicated FAMOCO device that hosts the Token Activator application.

Who can create a Token?

Only the administrator of an organization can create and delete tokens.

What is the action Repair mode?

The repair mode is reserved for faulty devices. The device configuration is reset to remove all applications.

What is the action Put in stock?

The stock status defines the devices that are not assigned to a fleet but are part of the organization ready to be assigned to a fleet.

Can we create custom actions?

There are currently 3 actions available. More advanced features will be added in the future.

Can I modify an existing Token?

No, once created, the Token cannot be modified. If you need to make changes (e.g. change expiration date), you will need to erase the Token and create a new one.

Is it possible to write Token Cards with a 3rd party application?

All the tests have been carried out with the Token Activator app and we strongly recommend using it even if it might work with some 3rd party applications.

How many Tokens can be created?

The number of Tokens that can be created is unlimited. Please note that only one Token can be written on a card.

Where can I find the Token Activator app?

The Token Activator app is in the list of applications in your organization. If you accidentally erase it from the list, please contact the support team.

How can I order more NFC Token cards?

Token cards can be ordered by contacting your sales representative.

My FAMOCO device configuration does not change when I use the Token card

This could be due to one of the following:

  • The target device is not in the same FMS Organization as the Token. Devices must be in the same FMS Organization for the action to take effect.

  • The target device is in Repair. Token actions to move a device to a fleet are not possible on devices with the Repair status. The only Token action possible is to move to the stock status. Once in stock status, the Token to move the device to a fleet will work.