I'm not able to login

If you didn't receive an email with your username and password please contact the support team at support@famoco.com and mention your company name. Please make sure that you changed the temporary password within the first 24h.

I cannot upload an apk

If you have issues, with uploading an apk it may be due to the following:

  • Application already exists

If the apk has the same package name and version code (not to be confused with version name) as another application which is already in your organization, there are considered the same. If you want to upload an updated version of your application please make sure that you increase the version code.

  • Another error

If something goes wrong during the upload you'll will see an error message. Please send that message to our support team at support@famoco.com

I'm not able to delete an apk from the FMS

If the application you want to delete is currently used in a profile you will not be able to delete it. To change that you can remove the app from the profiles that are using it or delete those profiles.

My device is not syncing to the FMS

Please make sure that the following informations are correct:

  1. The device's serial number is in your FMS' organization
  2. The device belongs to a fleet with a profile
  3. The device is turned on and it's connected to the Internet over WiFi or SIM card. It's advised you use WiFi for your first sync.

Press and hold volume up to trigger a sync with the FMS.

If you're still not able to sync contact the support team at support@famoco.com and mention the device's serial number and FAMOCO OS version.

I want to remove the profile of a device

Simply drag and drop the device to a fleet with no profile.

The FMS doesn't push my latest app update

If the version code of an apk in the profile is lower than the current version code, the FMS won't push the apk to the device even though it will successfuly sync.