Mobile data is not working

There are a few configuration that you need to do before using the mobile data connection. First make sure that you have inserted the SIM card in the correct slot and developer mode is on.

-(Required) Go to the Settings application and select Data usage. Make sure that Mobile data is on.

-(Required) Set a new APN (see next tutorial). Or select an existing one.

-(Not Required) Go to the Settings application and select More... --> Mobile Networks. Check Data roaming option.

-(Non Required) Go to Settings application --> SIM Management --> Roaming --> Data Roaming --> Select your Mobile Provider

Make sure that WiFI is off when testing the mobile data connection.

Add new APN

In some cases the system already add the APN for you. This is depending on the mobile provider and the SIM card. If this is not the case you will need to manually configure a new APN.

To do this you need to have access to the native settings application. This application is only visible in developer mode. Before opening the "Settings" application make sure that the SIM card is present in the device. After that go to Settings --> More --> Mobile networks -->Access Point Names. Click on the up right corner and select New APN. Input your configurations (contact your mobile provider if you don't have those configurations) and save. Make sure that the APN you created is selected afterwards.

Create a Hotspot

To create a hotspot first make sure that you have mobile data active and APN configurations are okay. Then go to Settings --> More... --> Tethering & portable hotspots. Enable the hotspot and click on "Wi-Fi hotspot" text to configure name and password. Please note that the Wifi will be automatically turned off if you are using Hotspot.

The device is blocked with no Internet connection

This usually happens when the device is in production mode and is not connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi or a SIM card. Possible solutions:

Solution 1:

Configure your Wi-Fi (or a hotspot) network with the following information and reboot the device after:


Password: famocoaccess

Security: WPA2

Solution 2:

This solution is not available for devices running on Android 4.4.

NB: This will remove all the data on your device including installed applications and their configurations.

Reset the settings of the device:

  • Remove the battery of the device
  • Press and hold volume down
  • Put back the battery while pressing the volume down
  • Press the power button while still holding volume down until the device turns on
  • You'll see the factory mode screen
  • Use the volume up and down to navigate in the menu
  • Select Clear eMMC by pressing the power button (if you don't see the eMMC option in the menu your device is running on Android 4.4, you can go back to Solution 1)
  • The device will reboot and you'll be presented with the initial screen
  • Click on the globe icon to configure Wi-Fi or data

My application is removed every time the device syncs

If you're installing an apk with adb or some other source different from the FMS and this same apk (same package name) is also in your organization, it will be removed upon sync. To avoid this you can either:

  • put the application in the profile of the device
  • remove the profile of the device
  • remove the application from your organization
  • stop the Internet connection of the device to avoid syncing

FAMOCO applications are no longer visible on the device

When the device in production mode the four applications :

  • Dashboard
  • FX100 Settings
  • Settings
  • Wi-Fi

Will no longer be visible in the launcher, they will only be available when the device syncs with profile that has developer mode turned on.

Google services are not working on the device

Due to license reasons the google services applications are not present in the FAMOCO device. Simply installing the apk of google services over adb or the FMS won't work either since the application needs system permissions to function normally.

If this issue is blocking the development of your project please contact our support team at We will try to help you by suggesting some alternative libraries or projects that might replace the need of google services.

The serial displayed on the FMS is not the same as the one on the device

If you're having this issue please contact the support team at and attach a picture of the device's serial number located under the battery.

The device isn't turning on or charging

Note: if the battery is completely empty it needs around 10 minutes to start charging and also for the red led light to turn on.

If you have issues with the device turning on you can verify if the battery is faulty by inserting another battery in the device.

If this doesn't solve your issue try to send an email at specifying these questions:

  • At what point did the device stop charging/turning on, what changed?
  • Did you try to flash another image on the device
  • Is it possible to boot it in factory mode:

    1. Take out the battery of the device
    2. Hold the volume up button
    3. While holding the volume up button down insert the battery
    4. Continuing to hold the volume up button press the power up button

My device is not displaying the correct time

Note:When the battery of the device is totally empty, a small backup embedded battery is used to keep counting the time (but it can't turn the device on). When this backup embedded battery finally gets empty you will lose date and time settings at boot. To avoid this please make sure you don't leave the device uncharged for a long period.

If you are using Wi-Fi and your device is not displaying the correct time you need to manually select the time zone for your region. To do that first put the device in developer mode, then go to the settings application and select "Date & Time". Uncheck the "Automatic time zone" and select the correct one.

I'm not able to use ADB

First make sure that the device is in developer mode. If you are using Windows you will also need to install the proper USB drivers for the device. To download the drivers please visit the developers web-site.

How can I pair my FX to a bluetooth device

To pair your FX 100 with a bluetooth device you first need to activate bluetooth in profile settings and also to enable developer mode on to be able to pair your FX for the first time.

Factory Data Reset

In order to do a factory data reset, the FAMOCO device must first be in Developer Mode. From there the settings menu is accessible and the user is able to select the Backup & Restore options. The 2nd option in the menu 'Factory Data Reset' will delete all files and restore the device to its original state.