What's new ?

  • Latest FAMOCO OS based on the Android 6 core
  • New FAMOCO dashboard
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Quad core Mediatek MT 6580

What does this mean ?

  • 50% performance gains in app & information processing
  • Optimal performance of Android 6.0 applications
  • Compatible for Lone Worker Protection systems
  • New dashboard UI and functional improvements

Can I upgrade my existing devices?

No, this is not possible as existing FX100+’s do not meet Android 6 kernel requirements.

Will these changes influence the battery life?

The battery in the upgraded FX100+ is bigger to meet the needs related to the hardware changes.

Will I be able to have both current and new FX100+ in the same fleet?

Yes, device and fleet management remain unchanged. The applications will however need to be compliant with both Android kernels.

How long will my existing FX100+’s be supported?

Your contracted support agreements remain unchanged.

Can FAMOCO help me adapt my app to work on Android 6?

Yes, FAMOCO can help you with this. Please contact your Sales to discuss.

Will my Android 4.4 applications work on the new FAMOCO OS?

Applications developed following standard Android guidelines should be compatible, but will need to be tested.